with a focus on natural movement patterns, movement-based functionality using skill and awareness as the foundation, we promise to innovate continuously on how best to train you. using nutrition rather than calories as the basis of our recipes we develop recipes with high nutrition content which live up to their name in taste because to eat well is to live well. an example of our lab at work are our version of the cheesecake which uses vegetable and nuts instead of heavy cream and cream cheese. using non-grain flours and substituting dairy with coconut milk and nut paste, we give you better butter chicken with naan with much better nutrition content, which you have to taste to believe.

easyfit is a movement and body-weight based group workout which uses play and team work to get you to mobilize your entire body and burn up to 700 calories in one hour. before you know it, your mind is engaged in the activity at hand and your workout gets done amidst laughter and getting to know like-minded people

the food grid is a unique and easy way we have developed to help you make the right choices on your own for what to eat when. since we believe nutrition is the key to a healthier you we worked on putting our experience and knowledge done into a simple grid format which can be a ready reckoner whenever you have a doubt on what to choose to eat.

change being the only constant, our food and fitness proposition promises to adapt to your needs as they evolve.