easyhuman promises to ensure that your journey into fitness is easy
through authenticity, empathy, passion, motivation and a focus on good
nutrition. we use education and experience along with industry standard
tools to assess, design and deliver your fitness programs.



Biological Age Questionnaire

Fitness 1

Biological Age Questionnaire

This questionnaire is a truer measure of age than your chronological age, as it factors in the influence of lifestyle and cultural parameters on your longevity. the theory behind it is, how you live your life actually determines the aging process far more than just your genetics and/or your date of birth. by answering a series of questions about your life, you provide a framework which gives insight into what benefit or damage your current habits and experiences are causing to your longevity which helps estimate what “age” your body is functioning at. becoming cognizant of these factors and then adjusting them impacts overall health.


Fitness 2


Inbody devices use direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs.

Inbody helps us to know the body composition which includes

  • body fat percentage
  • basal metabolic rate
  • lean muscle mass
  • fat mass
  • estimated fitness score
  • segmental lean and fat mass

Postural Analysis

Fitness 3

Postural Analysis

Posture is the neutral position from which all movement arises or the keyboard on which your brain orchestrates movement. it is the foundation of all power generated by the body and comprises of a stacked framework starting at your feet going through your legs, hip, spine and shoulders to your head. most people complain about neck and/or lower back pain due to postural issues arising from lifestyle that need to be addressed through corrective programming. A series of observations lead to an analysis of postural deficits which are then corrected through programming

Functional Movement Screen

Fitness 4

Functional Movement Screen

Gray Cook and Lee Burton developed the functional movement screen in 1998 to rate and rank movement pattern in high school athletes. it is now used for rehabilitation and performance enhancement. FMS exposes dysfunction or pain or both within basic movement pattern. it gives an edge to design client centric program and caters to people with different fitness levels.

Physical Assessment

Fitness 5

Physical Assessment

This assessment is a tool to identify the physical strength and imbalances of an individual in all the 5 components of fitness mentioned below:

  • movement-pattern based strength assessment
  • agility based cardio assessment
  • stability based core assessment
  • balance or stillness assessment
  • eccentric-ability based flexibility assessment

Nutrition Counselling

Fitness 6

Nutrition Counselling

What you eat actually impacts your health more than how you train, so we aim to bring the focus on nutrition back by ensuring that Nutrition Counselling is built in as an essential part of every training package. Using food logs and the Food Grid specially designed by us, we help you move towards eating healthier without sacrificing the things you love to eat

Program Design

Fitness 7

“Developed by the American Council Of Exercise”

Program Design

Program Design is done based on ACE (American Council on Exercise) IFT Model to ensure that whatever you do is safe, logical and effective to your goals and overall fitness

Measuring and Evaluating Results – MyZone and Workout Logs

Fitness 8

Measuring and Evaluating Results - MyZone and Workout Logs

Progress is the biggest motivation and the only way to demonstrate it is through measurement.

At Easyhuman we use MyZone to measure every session. Myzone is an innovative heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. The data collected from MyZone is reviewed at the end of every workout with the member and then again on a weekly basis.

Workout logs and assessment records are maintained meticulously by your trainer and reviewed and compared every two weeks to ensure results.