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75/77 wodehouse road
mumbai 400005, colaba
maharashtra | +91 8928107282

introducing a fresh approach
at being healthy in colaba

easyhuman is a innovative new fitness format where nutrition is given equal importance with training and recovery through a variety of programs including group exercises to ensure sustainable results not empty promises. easyhuman is also a café and meal delivery service which mainstreams good nutrition through healthy alternatives to your favourite food.


group exercise

when you first join a gym you maybe confused of what exercise to do or how to begin. whether you are a beginner or a regular gym goer, group exercise helps you build a foundation and structure to your personal health journey and also challenge you in exciting new ways. firstly, it’s motivating to work out with like-minded people and definitely a lot of fun to join in and push harder. classes have a structure and are conducted by certified professionals who guide you with versions of the same exercise for beginners and pros alike.

group exercises offer you variety in terms of your workout everyday as they are based on different exercise modalities like cycling, suspension training, dance, kick boxing, conditioning etc. usually since they are choreographed to music so you get your work out done while having fun.

group exercise at easyhuman includes :- indoor spinning , TRX suspension training, MetCon , HIIT , Easybalance , EasyStrength, easyrecover , easyflow , easybond , ABT , capoeira , easymove , tabata , easycore .

initiation process

We believe in a detailed initiation process for every member to ensure we lay a solid foundation for their journey into fitness. The assessments include a Biological Age Questionnaire, Inbody Body Fat Assessment, Postural Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, Physical Movement Test and CAD Risk Stratification to ensure we have information on all aspects of their health and movement capability before beginning program design

small group training or workout of the day

if you are one of those who doesn’t want to take personal training or get into the more social group exercise studio, at easyhuman we make sure you still get a workout with a trainer on days you don’t feel like training yourself.

workout of the day is conducted for any 2-4 members who wish to join at 6 fixed intervals during the day. this workout is a 45-minute session held on the gym floor and explores different workout styles and modalities every day. you experience a new workout led by a trained professional whenever you decide to attend a session. the workouts vary from using equipment to bodyweight and high intensity interval training to tabata to help you get an efficient workout.

result driven

A Plan Without a Goal is Just a Wish . Scientifically designed workouts based on the ACE IFT Model of training measured through wearable technology with an emphasis nutrition discipline ensure we deliver Results not promises. We measure progress and performance on a regular basis using technology and proper logs to ensure effective program progression.

educated professionals

Education is foundation upon which we build the future. The team collectively holds more than 100 international certifications and more than 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. This education and experience is the foundation for the
methodology and vision used to deliver Results

personalized attention

We ensure every member is attended to personally by our coaches and are aware of plan of action made specifically for them

we have group exercise, membership
and personal training packages.

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our team

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‘Be the best version of you.’

About Myself

For Parveen Everyday is a new chance to get stronger, eat better, live healthier and to be the best version of himself. He loves to lift weights at any given opportunity.


  • Gold Gym Personal Training Certification
  • Personal Training Foundation from Fitness First


  • Weight Management Training
  • Resistance and Strength Training
  • CrossFit based Training
  • Power Lifting

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‘Failure is just a bruise; not a tattoo , move on.’

About Myself

I am a fitness enthusiast following his passion of being fit and make everyone realize what fitness is by educating and making his clients achieve their goals. I believe in movement culture as human evolved when they moved so move and evolve each day and be easy


  • Fitness first certified Personal Trainer
  • K11 certified personal trainer
  • Master toddy’s MUAY THAI academy (Bangkok,
    THAILAND) certified kick boxing instructor
  • Certified body combat instructor, Les Mills
  • Certified TRX suspension Trainer


  • Animal Flow training
  • Functional Training
  • Kick Boxing and
  • Freestyle group training
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) for metabolic
    conditioning and fat loss

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‘an imperfect workout done today is better than a perfect workout delayed indefinitely’

About Myself

Vinit is an Amateur MMA fighter with a record of 4-4-0 and won a Bronze Medal in the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association National Championship in 2017. He Loves mixing workout routines using different functional tools along with MMA. He takes his clients goals very seriously and works closely with them to achieve the same


  • Gold Gym Personal Training Certification
  • Personal Training Foundation from Fitness First
  • Certified in Animal Flow Training
  • Certified Body Combat Instructor, Les Mills
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Certification, TRX


  • Mixed Martial Arts Training
  • Functional Training

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‘Make the most of your workout.’

About Myself

As a fitness professional Devarsh started his career training young athletes representing different states. He focuses on goal specific workouts which helps him to deliver maximum results to his clients. Transforming people’s life has always been his one of the passion.


  • ACSM certified personal trainer
  • ACSM certified in special population and rehabilitation
  • ACSM certified in dealing psychologically with injuries
  • Personal training foundation from Fitness First
  • FTI certified in functional training
  • Golds gym certified personal trainer
  • RPM instructor, Les Mills
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist


  • Special population training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Functional training
  • Sports specific training