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bandra reclamation
bandra west, mumbai 400050  
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easyhuman fitness
beyond studio
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36 mount mary road
mount mary
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introducing a fresh approach
at being healthy in bandra

Easyhuman café Bandra mainlines healthy versions of your favourite foods by creating grain free, dairy free and gluten free versions with no compromise on taste. Eating healthy or clean eating has never been easier. From Butter Chicken to Cheesecake, Eggs Benedict to Jaggery Parantha, Ice creams and desserts we have everything for you in its grain free and dairy free avatar to change the way you eat permanently. Located at a convenient location as you enter Bandra we offer dine in, take away, home delivery and meal plan services and are easily accessible from the comfort of your home or office vis Scootsy, Zomata and Swiggy.

Easyhuman fitness is available at Beyond Studio, a beautiful, peaceful and exclusive space in the scenic Mount Mary area of Bandra. Beyond Studio was set up by Cindy Jourdain of Cindy’s Bootcamp fame. Located in Bandra by the breezy seaside, Beyond is a unique home to fitness wellness and art. Anyone who is health conscious in the city will have visited this cosy one of a kind multifunctional space with a holistic vibe. With different classes throughout the day on it’s schedule Beyond is well known for being an hidden gem and the private sanctuary to a lot of celebs, it is owned by celebrity trainer and Adidas Runners strength coach Cindy Jourdain. The space boasts stunning architectural features such as 20 feet ceiling to accommodate aerial and climbing work as well as a beautiful court yard used for outdoor training and early morning yoga practice.


group exercise

when you first join a gym you maybe confused of what exercise to do or how to begin. whether you are a beginner or a regular gym goer, group exercise helps you build a foundation and structure to your personal health journey and also challenge you in exciting new ways. firstly, it’s motivating to work out with like-minded people and definitely a lot of fun to join in and push harder. classes have a structure and are conducted by certified professionals who guide you with versions of the same exercise for beginners and pros alike.

group exercise offers you variety in terms of your workout as they are based on different exercise modalities. At easyhuman bandra we offer the following group workout sessions

easyfit by Ritesh Shaiwal brings the child back in you through elements of natural human movement, metabolic conditioning and fun.

trx suspension training by pankaj chandila. use the TRX suspension trainer suspended from a single anchor point, incorporate varying angles and body positions to create resistance and complexity for a full body workout while engaging the core.

easymove by rohit tambe involves afro-brazilian mixed martial arts disguised as a dance and reaction training to make you strong and limber. this session also works on lengthening, restoring and repairing muscles to avoid injury and prevent overuse.

results driven

a Plan Without a Goal is Just a Wish . Scientifically designed workouts based on the ACE IFT Model of training measured through wearable technology with an emphasis nutrition discipline ensure we deliver Results not promises. We measure progress and performance on a regular basis using technology and proper logs to ensure effective program progression.

educated professionals

education is foundation upon which we build the future. The team collectively holds more than 100 international certifications and more than 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. This education and experience is the foundation for the
methodology and vision used to deliver Results

personalized attention

we ensure every member is attended to personally by our coaches and are aware of plan of action made specifically for them

initiation process

we believe in a detailed initiation process for every member to ensure we lay a solid foundation for their journey into fitness. The assessments include a Biological Age Questionnaire, Inbody Body Fat Assessment, Postural Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, Physical Movement Test and CAD Risk Stratification to ensure we have information on all aspects of their health and movement capability before beginning program design.

we have group exercise and personal training packages.

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our team

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‘Fitness is more than looking good, it’s feeling good on both, the inside and the outside, be active and be fit and more importantly, don’t train for any special event, train for life. Life is your biggest challenge. Train to beat it.’

About Myself

Pankaj has more than 10 years of experience in the Fitness Industry working with Fitness First Delhi and Mumbai, and 48 Fitness, Mumbai. He has conducted more than 5000 hours of personal training sessions and built fitness teams for the best clubs in the business. He has trained industrialists celebrities and athletes during this journey.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified on Resisted Movement Training, PT on the Net
  • Certified on Movement Based Flexibility, PT on the Net
  • Certified in Stages Flight Cycling
  • Certified Bosu Balance Trainer by Douglas Brooks
  • Personal Training Foundation from Fitness First
  • Nutrition Foundation from Fitness First
  • Certified TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX
  • Certified for Functional Movement Screening
  • Certified Barefoot Training Specialist
  • Posture Analysis Expert
  • Workshop on Power Plate Training
  • Workshop on ViPR
  • Certified Metabolic Conditioning Expert by Fabio Comano
  • Certified FTI coach in Functional tools
  • Workshop on Kettlebell Basics by Steve Cotter
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Delhi University
  • MBA from Sikkim Manipal University


  • Weight Management Training
  • Resistance and Strength Training
  • CrossFit based Training
  • Power Lifting
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‘Failure is just a bruise; not a tattoo , move on.’

About Myself

A firm believer that our passion can take us where we want to be with the sole purpose to make this world a better place through Movement and Wellness. We are Evolving.


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified RPM Instructor, Les Mills
  • Certified Body Balance Instructor, Les Mills
  • Certified on Resisted Movement Training, PT on the Net
  • Certified on Movement Based Flexibility, PT on the Net
  • TRX Suspension Master Trainer Certification, TRX
  • RIP Trainer Certified, TRX
  • Freestyle Movement Specialist, Personal Training Academy, PTA Global
  • Delegate in 3rd Asia Fitness Convention, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Parkour Fitness Specialist Certified, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Presenter and Delegate in 4th Asia Fitness Convention, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Certified for Functional Movement Screening
  • Master Trainer Pro-cycling, Fitness First
  • Master Trainer Freestyle Group Training, Fitness First
  • Creator of X-TREME FIT, Fitness First India
  • Nutrition Certified from International Fitness Association.
  • Nutrition Foundation from Fitness First
  • Personal Training Foundation from Fitness First
  • Bachelors in Mass Communication


  • Animal Flow training
  • Functional Training
  • Kick Boxing and
  • Freestyle group training
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) for metabolic
    conditioning and fat loss

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Find your rhythm; Feed your energy, free the easy human in you.

About Myself

An Educator and a Fitness Professional from a Culinary Background with the sole purpose of aligning the five senses with Food & Fitness. Rohit started off his journey at Fitness First India as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Counsellor, and Group Exercise Instructor and was heading the Fitness Team at Palladium as the Assistant Fitness Manager from 2015-2018. On the Culinary side Rohit worked with the Oberoi Group Mumbai for 2 years and also with Carnival Cruise Lines, USA. Prior to this he worked as an Intern with Ramada Plaza, Mumbai.


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • K11 Certified Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Foundation from Fitness First
  • Personal Training Foundation from Fitness First
  • Certified Body Pump Instructor, Les Mills
  • Certified on Resisted Movement Training, PT on the Net
  • Certified on Movement Based Flexibility, PT on the Net
  • Pursuing National Strength and Conditioning Coach, NSCA
  • Certified for Functional Movement Screening
  • Fitness Specialist in Martial Arts Capoeira
  • Programming Expert for Resistance Training
  • Expert at Rehabilitation Programs for Special Population
  • Bachelors of Science in Catering and Hotel Administration


  • Functional Training
  • Kick Boxing
  • Freestyle group training